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The world of luxury has demonstrated to be ever-changing and chaotic in nature, the next logical step is the technological revolution to create the experiences of the future



The contemporaneous world is ever changing at a fast pace, and everything from the biggest technologies to the small details change with it. Sophisticatus offers technological solutions for the small things, the ones no one knows they need until they do. We understand the needs of the modern person, and aim to fulfill them.



Technology can be an art, if done properly the different systems that compose a product will dance in armony and fit to perfection.


Technically advanced solutions offer the possibility of including vanguard security measures. We specialize in simple, yet elegant solutions to make your product feel and be safer.


Years of experience in the luxury market has taught us the importance of small details, products must be finished or not released at all.



With more than 30 years of collective experience in the making of the perfect product, we kickstart this iniciative as a powerful and complemented team. Part of a strong family of succesful businesses, Sophisticatus does not start alone but with a powerful force behind it, this ensures stability and a constant flow of ideas from our vast network of contacts.

Oscar Martos

Oscar Martos

Creative Director

Artist and businessman, expert in the luxury goods market with more than 20 years of experience working with the industry leaders, developing manufacturing operations as well as creative actions and event productions.

Current CEO of Ocuri Investments.

Gerardo Pena

Gerardo Pena


With 3 years of experience in engineering project management, thanks to the participation in Formula Student competitons around europe.

Graduate in Electronics, Robotics & Mechatronics Engineering specializing in Robotics & Control.

Why we will change everything

The world of luxury products and the world of technology have met before, but not to this degree.

Total integration of these two concepts has never been achieved before, we unite our knowledge and strength to marry them and bring to life products that feel natural in our technologically advanced world.

Our Skills

Engineering an idea into reality requires a multidisciplinary set of skills, our team strives to be a jack of all trades, and a master of them as well.

Our artist-oriented rendering spaces give us flexibility to re-imagine products and create solutions with total freedom, not bounded to exact measurements up until the CAD design phase.

Perhaps a rare skill but ultimately invaluable, technological integration has become an art for the brave minds that venture into it.

  • Rendering – 90%
  • Computer Aided Design – 77%