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Our mission is to elevate the luxury world to the current technological standard, by integrating digital actions and introducing new dimensions to products, improving security, accesibility & practicality.


Our lines of work

Sophisticatus is a natural evolution of the current business landscape, as the technological & digital revolution is rocking the boat, the client of today is already expecting the product of tomorrow.

We are in constant search of the better product, because we know the wonders that technology can offer in every field, the possibility of marrying this with exclusive products will create special combinations never seen before.

To achieve this, we are born with technical expertise, as well as years of experience in the world of luxury, which will infuse every action and movement within our walls.


Our Mission

Fuse technology and digital innovation with the world of Luxury

Our Vision

What are you going to take to your next trip to The Moon?

Almost no one is thinking today about how the small things that complement our lives and fill our whims will be integrated into the future, because rocket science and robotics is the main concern.

We envision a future where people can relate the important tradition & craftmanship of the luxury world to the fast-paced innovation of technology in their hands.

And to achieve that vision we aim to treat every project with delicate detail & attention so it develops into a reliable, elegant & sophisticated work of art.

 Our values reflect the core principles of our iniciative, simple but strong and assertive in their meaning.

Being involved in the high-end spectrum of products means that excelence is key, only through hard work and dedication we can offer products that appear to be out of this world.

But no change in the world ever occurs without innovation, as it presents itself as the force to move forward, to break the mold and refresh our concepts, you can not resist innovation, either swim with her or drown.

Finally we present elegance as our third core principle, strongly embeded in the company name, Sophisticatus, which is the etimologic origin of the word “sophisticated” and represents technological complexity without losing the elegance of simplicity.

Our Values

Excelence, Innovation, & Elegance

Technology & luxury have always been friends, now it’s time for them to get married.

Our workspaces reflect the forward-thinking philosophy of our iniciative, combining simplicity and elegance that will inevitably be transfered to the work we create.

We want to transport you to the next 100 years, our offices are designed in such a way that allows anyone who enters them to be launched into the future and be reminded of the bright days that are to come.

New Era, Same Detail

Ocuri Investments


The Ocuri Investments Holding comprises 15 businesses focused around the luxury market, with several years of experience in tending to the most exacting client’s needs.

With activity ranging from large-scale manufacturing operations in the Cadiz region,  to communications, event production and now technological research and development.